Where are you based?

Whitchurch, Berkshire, RG8.

Do I have to be a good singer to have lessons?

No, you just need the willingness to put in some work every day. You'll soon see your voice impaove.



Do you do lessons for the skills part of Duke of Edinburgh's Award ?


Do you offer online tuition

Yes, via Skype or Zoom. These work very well,.

I want to start lessons but don't want to invest in a piano till I am sure I will take to it?

You can borrow one from a music shop like Hickies for a small fee. You need something as you'll need to practice inbetween lessons.

How long a lesson will I need?

Children aged 4 to 5 will need a 20 minute lesson, older children will need a half hour lesson. People learning both piano and singing will need a 45 minute to an hour lesson. Adult beginners may prefer to have a half hour slot and more advanced people may wish to have an hour a longer lesson on a fortnightly basis.

I only have a keyboard can my child learn piano?

Yes as long as it has full sized keys it will do for the first few terms until you are sure that they want to continue. After that you will need to hire or buy a piano as the touch of a piano is different because it has weighted keys. See the section on keyboard if you are unsure of the differences between piano and keyboard.

Contact us:


07500 744 960

01189 842466




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